Submit your results

To be eligible for a prize, all participants must submit a final entry by Monday, May 15. 

Please note: that you do not need the final weight of the clothes you collected to submit your results. Recycling Council of Ontario will send you your totals by the end of May to let you know how your school did. 

Step 1. Your contact information
Important: For verification purposes, please ensure the information in this section matches the information entered when registering. You can verify this by checking your confirmation email received at registration.
Staff contact information
Students are welcome to submit final results on behalf of their registered school; however please include the contact information of the staff member used when registering for the challenge.
Step 2. School information
If your school has students from JK- grade 8 please only enter how many students are from 9 -12.
3. Tell us your results!
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