I Give a Sh!rt Challenge

Recycling Council of Ontario is a not for profit environmental organization whose mandate is the elimination of waste through activities that use reduce, reuse and recycling (3Rs) practices. Learn more about what we do: www.rco.on.ca.

In the spirit of promoting rewear and reuse, we have partnered with Value Village® to challenge all Ontario and British Columbia secondary schools to organize an in-school clothing collection drive for used clothing (textiles) during Waste Reduction Week in Canada 2018. A grand prize of $2,500 will be awarded to the school that collects the most material per student during the challenge. Additional prizes can be won for collection and efforts to ‘take action’ on the issues of textile waste. 


How it works


Register your school Monday, May 7 - Friday, October 5, 2018

Schools must complete the challenge during Waste Reduction Week to be eligible 


Collect used clothing items and textiles for reuse or recycling during Waste Reduction Week in Canada 2018 - Oct 15 - 19 2018.


Share your school’s collection efforts and community engagement on issues of textiles waste through social media using the hashtag #IGiveAShirt


Your donated materials will be collected during your assigned collection window from Nov 5 - Nov 9 2018.


To be eligible to win a prize, schools must register and complete a final submission form which will be open from Oct 19 - Nov 16 2018

Please note: you do not need the final weight of the clothes you collected to submit your results. Recycling Council of Ontario will send you your totals by the end of November to let you know how your school did. 

NEW PRIZES for 2018!

Participating schools are eligible to win prizes based on their collection or community engagement efforts in the 2018 #IGiveAShirt Challenge. Please read information below on each prize category. Note: One of each prize available per province (Ontario and BC only). Only one prize available per school. 

Collection Prizes

Awarded to schools based on clothing collection efforts. One of each prize available per province (Ontario and BC only). Participation prize awarded to any school that participates in collection. Winner is randomly selected.)


Community Engagement & Social Media Prizes

In addition to the clothing collection drive, the #IGiveAShirt Challenge wants students to take action on textile consumption through the power of reuse (rewear). Participating schools will be recognized for their participation, community involvement, and creativity demonstrated through social media and online submissions. 

Show us how your school takes action by involving your community in the issues and challenge. Share photos or videos of your involvement to your favourite social media platform using the hashtag #IGiveAShirt. Our panel of judges will be looking for submissions that are innovative and creative. Entries can be submitted by students, student groups, clubs, classes, or as an entire school!

Not interested or able to collect clothing for the challenge but still want to take action on textiles waste for Waste Reduction Week? Schools have the option of only participating in the innovation, eco-fashion, and social media components of the challenge (registration still required).

Awarded to a school in each eligible province that comes up with the most innovative solution to reducing textiles waste through circular economy.  Possible solutions could include innovative products, services, policies, or business practices. Submissions will be accepted through the social media hashtag #IGiveAShirt and the post-challenge final results form.  


Awarded to a school in each eligible province that creatively show their eco fashion " through reuse, repair, and upcycling. 

Sample ideas & inspiration: 

    • Organize an eco fashion show using upcycled textiles and thrift store finds.
    • Create an eco fashion blog or vlog. 
    • Trashion Fashion.
    • Vintage day: assign a day that students are challenged to wear all vintage clothes.
    • DIY fashion projects using reused textiles.
    • Create a new fashion line using only reused clothing and accessories, then organize a fashion show at your school. 
    • It's Halloween season! Challenge students to create their costume using reused clothes and accessories. 

    Awarded to a school in each eligible province that best engaged their community by promoting the clothing collection drive and 

    Sample ideas & inspiration:

    • Class presentations.
    • Organize a clothing swap. 
    • Reach out to local media outlets such as news stations, newspapers, or radio
    • Create an installation or display using textiles that creates awareness.
    • Host an event and invite parents, local organizations, and government to celebrate your school’s involvement in these issues.

    Awarded to a school in each eligible province with the most engaging video posted on social media. 

    Sample ideas & inspiration:

    • Film a video interviewing your classmates, teachers, and the community about the issue of textile waste and what is being done to solve these issues.
    • Film your school's collection progress to show how much clothing are being diverted from landfill through reuse/rewear
    • Music videos
    • A summary video of your school's experience with the #IGiveAShirt Challenge and all the great work you are doing on this issue!

    Awarded to a school in each eligible province with the most engaging photo from the 2018 #IGiveAShirt Challenge posted on social media. Creativity counts!