Rethinking Reuse

Value Village®  is a global thrift retailer – we’ve been a champion for the community and environment for more than 60 years! We save more than 700 million pounds of reusable items from landfills every year by purchasing gently used goods from hundreds of nonprofit organizations, providing those nonprofits with revenue to support their missions and fund their programs. Visit to learn more. 

together we keep 700,000,000 pounds of reusable items out of the dump

More than half of americans will reuse with education


The Value Village© Cycle

Value Village® is a purpose-driven company that works to create good through the power of reuse, because we know small yet impactful decisions about clothing can make a world of difference for our environment.

Value Village Reuse Cycle

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We Recognize every item's potential

Last year, our stores repurposed hundreds of millions of items, including:

Eco Fashion Week

 Eco Fashion Week60 Years of Reducing, Reusing and Restyling

Evan Biddell's VV by EB Collection 

2018 State of Reuse Report

Value Village® has released their third annual State of Reuse Report that found 60% of North Americans shop secondhand once a year or less. Read the report to learn how you can take style full circle.

Where can I learn more about Value Village?

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